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Vicenza cuisine is part of the northern Italian culinary tradition, a city with a rich wine and food heritage and history. Its recipes, based on high-quality and simple ingredients, reflect true culinary tradition. From polenta to local cheeses and fine wines, each dish celebrates true authentic taste.



baccala alla vicentina

The Baccalà alla Vicentina is a culinary experience of history and tradition. Of medieval origins, its identity matured over the centuries. Local ingredients and tradition combined to create something unique. The secret of its deliciousness is the slow-cooking preparation, a treasure that embodies culinary origins, tradition and authenticity.

(Fonte immagine: Veneto – The land of Venice)


soppressa vicentina

Among the specialties emerging from the city of Vicenza, the “Soppressa Vicentina” emerges as a product that embodies the ancient flavors of tradition. A seasoned sausage, where pork is minced and mixed with various spices. Its preparatio, requires experience and passion. The “Soppressatina Vicentina” is a gastronomic excellence that embraces tradition and love for raw materials.


pasta e fasoi

“Pasta e Fasoi” is an exquisite dish that captures the essence of popular tradition. A simple delicacy rich in flavor, it tells a story of passion and love for local ingredients. The dish is a tribute to authenticity; in fact, it is prepared with beans, a valuable resource of protein and fiber. “Pasta e Fasoi” is an authentic symbol of simplicity that connects the land and family traditions.

(Fonte immagine: Veneto – The land of Venice)

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