What to eat

Rimini cuisine is a celebration of the traditional flavors of the area, with a strong influence from the sea and the rich culinary tradition of Emilia Romagna. A cuisine made up of unique dishes that draw inspiration from the region’s ancient agricultural and marine traditions and offer an experience that captures the true soul of this city.




The piadina is the most classic of Romagna’s specialties. The undisputed symbol and above all a masterpiece of taste and simplicity. Prepared with a few basic ingredients such as flour, salt, water and lard the dish recalls poor origins. Giovanni Pascoli himself, a native of Romagna, defined “la piada” as the national dish and as the bread of poverty because it accompanied farmers in the fields. Today you can stuff it in a thousand ways, but the classic “piadina romagnola” always remains one: crudo and squacquerone cheese. Loved by all, it represents the true simple and genuine cuisine of Emilia.



Brodetto is a dish of ancient seafood tradition, born from the need of fishermen to use the catch that was difficult to sell or small in size. There are different variations along the Adriatic coast, but the common feature they all have in common is that they use different qualities of fresh fish depending on the season. Brodetto is not a “simple” fish soup that was prepared aboard fishing boats; it is a dish that celebrates the sea and represents the deep connection with its culture.



Bustrengo is a typical traditional cake of Emilia Romagna, especially popular in the Rimini areas. A cake that has distant and especially homemade origins. Its preparation in fact can vary from family to family, there is in fact no real recipe. Prepared with poor ingredients, we find flour milk, eggs, honey and dried fruit, it is prepared during the autumn and winter period. It is a cake designed to “empty the pantry.” Its flavor is a perfect balance between the natural sweetness of honey and the richness of dried fruit. A dessert for those who love authentic and traditional flavors.

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