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Modena is a city in the heart of Emilia where art, architecture and food and wine come together to showcase Italian excellence in all its splendour. A city that impresses its visitors not only with its architectural beauty but also with its lively cultural life and culinary excellence.



duomo of modena

The Duomo of Modena is one of the greatest examples of Romanesque art recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The imposing cathedral stands in the Piazza Grande and was built by the architect Lanfranco, who conceived an original architecture, which can still be admired today, on the site of the tomb of San Geminiano, the patron saint of Modena. The structure is divided into three sections and consists of an alternation of columns and pillars; the loggia extends across the entire width of the structure giving movement and dynamism. Decorating the façade are reliefs made by the sculptor Wiligelmo representing the ‘Story of Genesis’. The cathedral of Modena represents a testimony that still amazes for its grandeur and beauty.


estensi gallery

The Gallery established in 1854 by Francis V of Austria-Este is located in the Palazzo dei Musei. The collection consists of a remarkable artistic heritage collected by the Este family that tells of their love of art and collecting. The Art Gallery exhibits a valuable number of paintings, drawings, objects, bronzes and medals. There are many important works such as the Madonna and Child by Correggio, the Portrait of Francesco d’Este by Velázquez, the Triptych by El Greco, the marble bust of Francesco I d’Este by Bernini and the Crucifix by Guido Reni. A true jewel where you can admire the beauty of art and learn about Modena’s city past.


ghirlandina tower

The Ghirlandina Tower is the symbol of the city of Modena, dominating the elegant Piazza Grande with its 86 metres. Called ‘Ghirlandina’ by the people of Modena because of the double round of balustrades crowning the spire. Built next to the apse of Modena Cathedral, the sound of its bells has always marked the times of city life. The exterior is characterised by rich sculpture and stone cladding, while inside is the ‘Stanza dei Torresani’ the residence of the custodians where important capitals can be admired. Visited by climbing 200 steps, the tower is open to the public. Once you reach the top, you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the city. Since 1997, the Tower together with the Cathedral and Piazza Grande has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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