What to eat

Modena is a city where you can enjoy gastronomic delicacies with an unmistakable flavour. The city is synonymous with good food and an ancient culinary tradition. Genuine dishes that win you over with their simplicity and the preservation of flavours. Modenese cuisine that tells the story of the territory and enhances raw materials with an authentic flavour.




Parmigiano Reggiano is the symbol of Made in Italy excellence. A cooked cheese made from cow’s milk, it is a product with a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). Its inimitable characteristics stem from its deep connection with the territory and include the provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena and Mantua. This food requires a production process that takes into account tradition, quality and goodness that have remained unchanged for more than eight centuries. Tasting Parmesan is a unique experience, just as unique and unrepeatable is each wheel of this cheese.



Tigelle is an ancient Modenese dish of mountain origin that is made by kneading simple ingredients such as flour, water and salt. Once upon a time, this food represented a food habit resulting from the scarcity of available ingredients. The term ‘tigelle’ comes from the circular moulds that were used to bake the dough, the discs were also decorated with six-pointed stars or family crests. With their simple and authentic flavour, they are an ideal food to accompany cured meats and cheeses.

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Modena’s culinary tradition revolves mainly around first courses. One of the most popular and best-loved dishes, the dish par excellence of festivity and conviviality. Tagliatelle is a typical egg pasta made with a few ingredients such as flour, eggs and a pinch of salt. Accompanied by tasty sauces, the classic and most popular are those with meat sauce. A dish that brings tradition to the table, a simple but tasty recipe that hides the flavour of home.

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