What to eat

Eating in Genoa is one of the most intense culinary experiences one can have, here the flavors of the mountains and those of the sea come together to create an absolutely unique combination of flavors.



pesto alla genovese

Pesto is one of the most popular Italian culinary delicacies in the world, originating in Liguria, it owes its name to its sauce made by crushing raw ingredients in a mortar. Its bright green color and aromatic taste make it one of the most desired and loved ingredients. The first recipe appeared in 1865 in the Ratto brothers’ book “La Cuciniera genovese”. The “Pesto alla Genovese” remains the most authentic culinary experience of Genoese culture.


focaccia genovese

Focaccia in Genoa represents an ancient cult. A symbol of gastronomic tradition and a source of strong identity that embodies a great unconditional love. Its tradition dates back to the period of the Republic of Genoa, when bread was the main popular food. Genoese “Focaccia” is prepared with a few elements such as flour, water and olive oil. Also called “fugassa” in the Genoese dialect, it should preferably be oily, chewy and with the typical holes. Genoese people eat it at every hour of the day in the morning, also dipped in cappuccino at dinner.



Genoa is the city of “Farinata”, a traditional dish presented as simple with a strong flavor. Its origins, amongst myths and legends, date back to the late 12th century while the official version dates back to a document in 1477. “Farinata” is made from simple ingredients such as chickpea flour, water, salt and extra virgin olive oil. Its centuries-old history and unique flavor make it one of the delicacies of Ligurian cuisine.

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