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Immersed in lush nature and nestled on the banks of the Po River, Cremona is the capital of music and the city of master violin makers. The small town over the centuries has become the ideal place for art and culture. Rich in prestigious museums and theaters, the city presents the right mix of culture, tradition and nature.




A symbol of the city of Cremona, the Torazzo stands majestically over the Piazza del Comune. Built by the superposition of two structures, a Romanesque tower from 1267 and a second spire tower with an octagonal shape. The famous construction is 112 meters high and is one of the tallest bell towers in Europe, climbing its 502 steps it is possible to admire the panorama of the city. At the top is positioned the astronomical clock, a true masterpiece of mechanics, capable of monitoring the motion of the stars and the phases of the moon. In 2018, the Torrazzo Vertical Museum was opened where visitors will be able to visit a fascinating tour related to the measurement of time.


the cathedral of cremona

With its architectural grandeur and beauty, the Cathedral is a monument of great historical and artistic value. The building, despite numerous remodeling, has a base from the Romanesque style that was later grafted to a Gothic structure. The facade is decorated with numerous sculptural works of Romanesque and Gothic styles, while the interior is adorned with works by important artists of the Cremonese Renaissance school such as: Boccaccio Boccaccino, Gian Francesco Bembo, Altobello Melone, Girolamo Romanino, Pordenone, and Bernardino Gatti.


violin museum

The Violin Museum tells the story of the link between the city of Cremona and the magnificent art of violin making. The museum is divided along ten rooms and offers an engaging tour that traces the history of the violin and its importance in the history of music, including an in-depth look at the figure of Antonio Stradivari with original objects from his workshop. Inside is the Giovanni Arvedi Auditorium where performances and concerts can be attended, and a Research Center on ancient and modern violin making.

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