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The culinary in Bologna is an art, the city is the mother of many Italian recipes and dishes. The typical dishes of Bolognese cuisine are simple and authentic; in fact, it is world famous for its timeless dishes. The people of Bologna have a very strong attachment to food, their culinary philosophy is based on knowledge of ingredients and love of tradition. Eating dishes from Bologna is a celebration of life and love.



tagliatelle al ragu

Tagliatelle al ragù is the quintessential traditional Bolognese dish. A delicious combination combining fresh pasta and meat sauce. The pasta, shaped like flat strips, is prepared with simple ingredients such as flour, eggs and a pinch of salt. The rich meat and tomato sauce, simmered for hours, creates a perfect blend of enveloping flavors. Tagliatelle is a true celebration of the authenticity of home cooking, a true triumph of flavors passed down from generation to generation.



Tortellini is an example that there is a deep relationship between culture and cuisine. Legend has it that tortellini have a shape inspired by the navel of the goddess Venus. Preparation is a laborious process and takes much skill; the filling is made of meat with the addition of Parmesan cheese. Each bite is a celebration for the palate, a combination of flavors that makes this food irresistible, an unforgettable culinary experience for anyone who tastes them.



Mortadella is one of the most iconic products from the city of Bologna. This has become famous not only for its flavor but also for its thousand-year history. This cured meat is prepared with pork, natural spices and flavorings. Its production process is closely linked to ancient roots, its origin being associated with Roman times. Even today it continues to be a delicacy appreciated and popular all over the world, plus its unique flavor and versatility make it a unique ingredient.

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