What to eat

Bergamo cuisine is rich and tasty with simple ingredients and great attention to raw materials. Its richness is truly immense and is based on genuine products such as meats and cheeses. From starters to desserts, the table of the locals is a triumph of recipes and unique dishes



scarpinocc of parre

Scarpinocc of Parre (‘Scarpinocc de Par’ in dialect) are a typical dish from Bergamo, born in the village of the same name. They are a poor and tasty speciality with a characteristic flattened shape. Their dough is enriched with milk and butter while the filling consists of meat, Grana Padano cheese, breadcrumbs, eggs, milk and spices. The dough, with its ‘bird-wing’ shape, is reminiscent of the old cloth shoes made by village women for shepherds. A dish that enhances the local cuisine and, at the same time, the simplicity and goodness of mountain dishes

(Fonte immagine: Camera di Commercio Bergamo )


torta orobica

The Bergamo area boasts an ancient tradition in the production of cheeses that has been revived in recent years precisely because of their goodness. torta Orobica is a cheese of great sensory intensity that is produced exclusively in the Bergamo area. Despite its appearance reminiscent of a cake, it is a raw cheese. Its special production technique enhances the intense aromas and flavours. On tasting, Torta Orobica is initially sweet and then savoury, sometimes with hints of spiciness.


donizettis cake

This cake was created as a tribute to the great musician Gaetano Donizetti. Legend has it that on the occasion of a lunch with the composer Rossini, the latter instructed his personal chef to prepare a quick and easy cake to console his friend Donizetti from his amorous qualms. Although the legend is suggestive, this cake was not invented by Rossini’s chef, but created and patented by Alessandro Balzer in 1948, on the occasion of the centenary of Donizetti’s death. This cake is prepared with flour, starch, butter, sugar, eggs, pineapple and candied apricots with vanilla and maraschino flavours. It has a ring shape and its taste is very delicate. A cake so good that it will bring back the good mood to anyone who tastes it.

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