What to eat

Bari cuisine is a mix of unique flavors rooted in folk traditions. An authentic taste experience that reflects the richness of the sea and the land. Its typical dishes are a hymn to simplicity, freshness and love of tradition.



focaccia barese

The “Focaccia” is an irresistible culinary delicacy typical of the city of Bari. A gastronomic specialty, loved by locals and visitors. Tall, with a soft and fluffy texture, it has a rich and delicious flavor. It is prepared with simple ingredients: flour, yeast and water, then garnished with fresh halved tomatoes and olives. What makes this food so special is its authenticity, the connection to the land and tradition are reflected in its taste. When visiting Bari, eating focaccia becomes obligatory as savoring this delicacy can capture the true essence of the city.


orecchiette and cime di rapa

“Orecchiette and Cime di Rapa” is a typical gastronomic treasure of Bari, an iconic dish that expresses the deep connection between territory and culinary tradition. The “Orecchiette”, a handmade pasta, is the symbol of craftsmanship that has been handed down from generation to generation. Combined to turnip greens, a dark-colored vegetable with a unique bitter taste. This simple but delicious dish represents a culinary journey into the art of Apulia.


tiella barese

“Tiella” is an excellence of the seafood tradition of the city of Bari. A versatile dish that captures the scents of the sea and the flavor of the land. The main ingredients are rice, potatoes and mussels that combine to create a balanced symphony of flavors. The name “Tiella” invokes conviviality; the dish is cooked in earthenware casseroles to be shared with friends and family. “Tiella” is not only a tribute to the sea but also to the rich traditions of the city.

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